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Newsletter May 2006 - Political Situation in Nepal



Nepal is a safe destination for tourists.

During the month of April 2006 the political situation in Nepal has undergone a dramatic change, one that we all hope will be a change for the better. I was in Nepal at this time and witnessed the 'People Power' that brought about the dramatic change on April 24. Finally the people of Nepal have exercised their 'People Power' and together with opposition political parties have forced H. M. the King to return democracy to the people.

In 19 days in April 18 people were killed and more than 5000 were injured as a result of the repressive tactics of the Royal Nepalese Army and the Armed Police Force, under the previous government of the King, on the largely peaceful demonstrations. To date 3 more people have died of their injuries bringing the total to 21 dead.

It is to be hoped that the changed situation will be used to the full by the politicians to solve the Maoist insurgency and to return peace, security and stability to all parts of Nepal. As I write, the new government has announced a ceasefire in reply to the three-month ceasefire recently announced by the Maoist's.

Nepal is a safe destination for tourists. Tourist should visit Nepal to help revive the shattered economy. The tourism industry, and the economy, has been badly affected by the downturn of tourists visiting the country. The last few years have been very difficult for everyone involved in tourism in Nepal.

Now, with the change in the situation, it is to be hoped people will once again consider travelling to Nepal. The coming autumn season will be an ideal time for people to show their appreciation to the people of Nepal, to those who have died and those who have been maimed and injured in the cause of peace and democracy. If you have been thinking of making a visit to Nepal but were hesitating because of the previous situation, please reconsider and make your visit, the people of Nepal will be waiting with a warm welcome.

Denis Gallagher
Nepal Trekking
May 2006

Nepal is a safe destination for tourists.

During the past few years it has been necessary for caution and careful planning in some trekking regions. The Solukhumbu, Everest region, north of Lukla has not experienced any problem related to the political situation of the past 10 years. Nepal Trekking continues to suggest caution in some trekking areas until the changes that are expected to take place politically are reflected in the situation on the ground.

However, we have no hesitation in recommending the Khumbu, north of Lukla, as a safe destination for your trek or expedition. We continue to operate in this region without any difficulty to our staff or clients. All the usual treks are available and we also have one or two additional routes to our list of itineraries that will appeal to the more experienced trekkers or those having made a number of visits previously to Nepal and the Khumbu.

For the autumn season during October/November we have available all our usual itineraries in the Khumbu. Trek to Kala Pattar and Everest base camp, visit Tengboche Monastery, the Himalayan Trust hospital at Kunde, the beautiful lakes and mountains of the Gokyo valley, cross high passes, climb peaks, enjoy the Sherpa Experience. As always these are offered at Tailor-made service for individuals or groups, small or large, of friends or clubs etc. as well as group departures.

Wildlife watching at our camp in Chitwan National Park has always been popular and now for the bird watchers we have a number of dedicated wildlife itineraries including Chitwan and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in the east of Nepal. Koshi Tappu is a vast expanse of wetlands and an area of major importance in Asia for migratory birds as well as those resident to Nepal.

These itineraries are developed to be attractive to clients whatever their wildlife interest. Chitwan has good sightings of mammals large and small. Asian white rhino, elephant, mongoose, 5 species of deer, bears, leopards, monkeys and the elusive tiger, as well as many species of birds. Marsh mugger and gharial crocodiles can be seen in the rivers and sunning themselves on the riverbanks. Koshi Tappu has far more bird species (more than 450) with only a few mammals. However, sightings of the rare wild water buffalo and wild elephant as well as the very rare gangetic dolphin make this area a unique experience. The two species of crocodile can be seen in Koshi Tappu also together with snakes, lizards and some turtle species. All itineraries are suitable for the expert and the beginner and for all those in between. With our jungle camp guides experienced in all aspects of wildlife and ornithology this is an ideal opportunity for those with an interest and a wish to learn more.

A totally new bird reserve is been developed also at Lumbini in the west of Nepal. If they wish, visitors here can combine culture as well as wildlife at this most important site, the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

Nepal is a safe destination for tourists. Join us this autumn for a memorable experience with Sherpa hospitality, culture, wildlife and mountains.

Tours and treks are also available in Tibet and Sikkim these are linked with Nepal.