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Newsletter January 2007 - Political Situation in Nepal



Nepal is a safe destination for tourists.

Since April 24.2006 when 'People Power' returned democracy in the form of the restored parliament of Nepal any purposeful progress seemed painfully slow. The Maoists at village level continued, even increased, their forced abductions, extortions and similar activities against local people in all parts of Nepal.

During the October/November trekking season the Maoist, for the first time in the ten years of political troubles, were stationed in the Khumbu north of Lukla and taking money from tourists in the same way they have been doing for many years in all other trekking areas of the country.

On January 15.2007 a new Interim Legislature Parliament was formed to include members of the Maoist Party and to move towards elections in June of this year. Arrangements have been made to contain the Maoists arms and army, under the supervision of the UN, and this process has also begun. When this process is complete, new government ministers, to include the Maoists, will be appointed and the interim government will be in force until the scheduled elections.

It is now hoped that the changed situation will see the Maoists removing all their 'parallel government' offices and check posts and behaving responsibly as a political party.

Nepal is a safe destination for tourists.

Nepal Trekking continues to suggest caution in some trekking areas until the changes that are expected to take place politically are reflected in the situation on the ground. However, we also consider that with careful planning and some flexibility we can continue to offer treks and tours to our clients with minimal disruption to their visit to Nepal.

Denis Gallagher
Nepal Trekking
January 2007