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News Update January 2008 - Sir Edmund Hillary

11.01.2008 Sir Edmund Hillary

It is with great sadness and sorrow that I hear of the death of Sir Edmund Hillary in New Zealand earlier today.

On behalf of everyone connected with Nepal Trekking in UK and in Nepal I have sent my deepest sympathy and condolences to those directly associated with the Himalayan Trust in the UK and in Nepal.

As a schoolboy I heard of the successful climb by Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa. I saw the photographs and I read the stories and I dreamed of one day in the future when I would also see Mount Everest.

It was not until many years later in 1991 that my dream came true. As one of the leaders of a Venture Scout Expedition from East Yorkshire to the Khumbu to assist with the rebuilding of Tengboche Monastery I too became involved with the Sherpa People and the country of Nepal.

Since that time I have had the great pleasure to meet with Sir Edmund on the occasion of a Nepali Festival in Manchester in the UK and with members of his family in Khumjung and in Kunde in the Khumbu in Nepal.

His passing will bring sadness to so many people around the world not least in UK, New Zealand and Nepal.

In the past 17 years that I have been involved with Nepal, and with the Sherpa people and their community, I have seen the great warmth, trust and respect that Sherpa in the Khumbu have for Sir Edmund. This respect is also reflected throughout Nepal in so many ways.

He will be remembered by the many in Nepal and around the world whose lives were touched and changed by him.

Denis Gallagher
Nepal Trekking
January 2008