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Newsletter July 2008 - Political Situation in Nepal



Nepal is a safe destination for tourists.

The political situation existing in Nepal for the past 12 years is changing. With the signing of a ceasefire in November 2006 and the inclusion of the Maoists into an interim government, elections to the constituent assembly were finally held 10 April 2008. The results gave the Maoist some lead over the other parties. At the first meeting of the assembly on 28 May Nepal was declared a Republic. Presently discussions are proceeding to form a new interim government. It is hoped that now the Maoists activities against local people, as well as tourists, will cease. Further unrest cannot be ruled out as the parties' position for their share of power in the interim government.

Elections within the Constituent Assembly have now been conducted, on 19 July with a rerun, because of the need for a majority vote, on 21 July; these have elected the first President and Vice President of the new Republic Of Nepal.

There is still a lot of work for any new interim government to do as well as for the Constituent Assembly members whose job is to write a new constitution for Nepal.

The overall situation is improving and tourism is manageable, if you are planning to visit Nepal you should continue with your plans and keep in touch with us for updates on the situation.

There are still demonstrations by various groups to press their own demands. These do include closures and interruption to transport systems. Generally these situations can be managed for tourist movement around the main Kathmandu city and valley areas. It is necessary to remain flexible and have time available for wider travel throughout the country. Domestic Flights are available to airports close to many of our trekking, tour, wildlife and cultural sites and road travel is kept to a minimum.

The situation for many local people in Nepal is very difficult. With an economy already shattered with many years of insurgency, the shortage of oil based products, plus the rising prices for these and for basic food items, and with no prospects of work or jobs; this is causing many problems for the ordinary people in the country.

Employment gives people a chance to provide for their families and to have some independence. Tourism provides a major part of the total economic income of the country and benefits the many individuals who work in the various sectors.

Nepal is a safe destination for tourists. Tourist should visit Nepal to help revive the shattered economy. The tourism industry, and the economy, has been badly affected by the downturn of tourists visiting the country. The last few years have been very difficult for everyone involved in tourism in Nepal.

Now, with the change in the situation visitor numbers are increasing, and now is a good time to once again consider travelling to Nepal. Local people, both individuals and small companies, hotels and lodges, guides and porters, will benefit from your visit and you will Make A Difference.