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Newsletter July 2008 - Ethical Tourism - Fair Trade - Making a difference



Details of our Community Service and Trekking in Nepal project involving work in a Sherpa village and trekking to Everest can be found here so if you are interested in Making A Difference please do consider joining with us in the October/November 2009 season for this very worthwhile project. Contact us now for more information.

I will be in the village during the coming season, October/November, and will continue arrangements with the Head Lama and the villagers to prepare for our work on the new trails.

Nepal Trekking continues to suggest caution in some trekking areas until the changes that are expected to take place politically are reflected in the situation on the ground. However, we also consider that with careful planning and some flexibility we can continue to offer treks and tours to our clients with minimal disruption to their visit to Nepal.

Our usual programme of treks and tours has something for everyone, trekking from a few days to several weeks, low level treks to more challenging treks to 5500m. Trekking Peaks for the more experienced up to 6500m, many other experiences and adventures in between.

However, if your interests are different and you would prefer a tour to include Nepali cultural sites, the diverse wildlife areas, or to see how Fair Trade is helping poor communities and those suffering from leprosy, to visit villages and see how medical and development work is improving the lives of marginalized groups, or a combination of any of these, we have something for you also.

Nepal Trekking supports organisations providing essential medical and education services to villages in rural areas of Nepal. Clients are able to visit some of these villages and see how development work is assisting the local people, funding for these programmes is always required and we do encourage contributions to fund specific projects. Full details are available about this and all aspects of our treks, tours and community services projects.

Nepal Trekking in Nepal: Those of you who know of the 'extended Nepal Trekking family' in Nepal will be pleased to hear that we are all in reasonable health and doing well despite the many difficulties in Nepal presently. In Kathmandu the children are making progress in school despite the many closures and strikes that occur frequently. In the village we have been able to fund the eldest girl in the family to attend college, training as a nurse/community medical health assistant, all the other children attend school either in the village school or the secondary school in a nearby village. Education and welfare is ongoing and becoming more expensive each year, we continue to raise funds and we are always pleased to receive donations towards our projects.

We are very grateful to everyone who gives us support for our work direct in Nepal. Support both financially and with the continued supply of clothing for children and adults in the villages and in Kathmandu, also to those who make available medical supplies for Khunde Hospital high in the Khumbu. Our projects are ongoing and we look forward to continued support in the months and years ahead.

Denis and all the Nepal Trekking Family