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This notice is to advise that a rising number of deaths from drowning are recorded on Phewa Tal (Phewa Lake) in Pokhara. Deaths from drowning are also reported from other lakes in the surrounding area. Some incidents are reported to involve tourists.

Nepal Trekking does not arrange, and never has arranged, boat trips on any of the lakes in Nepal for clients. It is acknowledged and understood that should clients take boat trips on Phewa Tal, or any other lake, at Pokhara or anywhere in Nepal; they do so entirely at their own risk.

It does appear that although the small boats are considered safe the use they are put to, and overloading etc. cause the rising number of fatal incidents.


Further to our standard information, shown below, latest statistics released by the authorities in Nepal do appear to reinforce our cautions.

In October 2009 it is reported that between April 2008 and April 2009 (Nepali Year 2065) 1300 deaths were recorded on Nepal's roads. It is even suggested the number could be considerably more because of unreliable recording. From April 2009 to date (October 2009) I have seen reports of several hundred more deaths on the roads.

Nepal Trekking standard information on Road Travel in Nepal:

Road Travel In Nepal:
Nepal Trekking, generally as a precautionary measure, advises against long distance travel by road in rural Nepal. Road travel can be particularly hazardous with frequent accidents involving busses and large numbers of casualties. Strikes, closures, or blockades by the Maoist, locals and/or security operations, can and do close the roads outside the Kathmandu valley making journeys difficult and some may not be possible. Domestic Flights are available to airports close to many of our trekking, wildlife and cultural sites and road travel is kept to a minimum. At times logistics dictate a road journey between areas. These are arranged using private transport companies and their vehicles.

Should clients choose to travel by road using local busses or tourist busses they do so at their own risk. Nepal Trekking or our agents accepts no responsibility for this travel.

Denis Gallagher
Nepal Trekking
October 2009