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Our services direct in Nepal have always offered most of client's requirements as inclusive. This has always included all food and accommodation on trek.

It is now increasingly difficult to budget, in advance, for the daily cost on trek in Nepal. This arises because of the continuous and unpredictable price rises in both Kathmandu and in all the trekking areas of Nepal.

To give clients a choice we have now decided to offer an optional pricing system. We will continue to give a price that is inclusive, the same as previously, but we will also now give an optional price that does not include the cost of any food or accommodation on trek. This then allows clients to have control to pay direct on the trails as required, should they choose to do so.

During the last year we have, on a number of occasions, noted and explained the rising cost in Nepal. The increases caused by the Pound/Dollar exchange rate and the rising prices in Nepal are all making a higher overall cost for all our Treks and Tours.

In this difficult period it is well known that some Tour Operators are forcing their Nepal Agents to accept lower fees so they can keep their prices lower. However, this practice is severely affecting the local economy and many individuals who may well loose their jobs or have to take lower wages.

The welfare of our Sherpa staff and their families has always been a priority for Nepal Trekking. We also use and follow the guidelines of Tourism Concern in the UK and International Porters Protection Group (IPPG), when working with the porters for trekking and expedition groups. In the present difficult situation in Nepal rather than cutting staff wages we have raised them to take account of the economic situation.

Nepal Trekking does understand how the worldwide economic situation is affecting so many peoples travel plans. We also see at first hand, in Nepal, the affect that the downturn in tourist numbers is having on the local economy and on many individuals. Tourism contributes a large percentage to the Nepal economy and we do need people to continue with their travel plans and to make their visits to Nepal.

Our inclusive food and accommodation on Trek has always allowed clients to choose their food from the lodges menus, this will continue. A choice is always given on Lodge treks with only fixed menus on Full Service camping treks. We wish to assure clients, past, present, and future, that our high standards of service will continue and most of your requirements will be inclusive. However, perhaps our alternative optional price will now give some clients a little more financial flexibility.

Clients can be assured that their fees, paid on arrival in Nepal, are benefiting the local economy and our Sherpa staff, porters, small companies, lodge's etc. directly. This is much appreciated and will make a difference.

Denis Gallagher