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August 2013 - Update Political Situation: Nepal Elections to be held in November

The Interim Election Government of Nepal decided in June to hold the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections on November 19.2013 - This is during the main season and some disruption to normal life is possible.

Since the election date was announced in June there have been a number of strikes and shutdowns staged by a group of political parties who oppose the elections. These parties, led by one of the Maoist parties, are now suggesting widespread demonstrations will be held throughout the country to try and stop the elections. Two of the main Hindu Festivals fall in mid October and early November and it can be expected the remaining time leading up to the proposed election date could see more disruptions and problems.

It does appear that there will probably be some difficulties during the main season and it may cause various local disruptions from time to time, however, together with our colleagues at the offices in Kathmandu, we are hopeful that we will be able to manage most situations with a minimum of disruption to travel arrangements etc. for people in Kathmandu and returning after any trekking.

I am due to travel to Nepal early in October and should be able to assess the situation then as the main season begins.

Denis Gallagher
Nepal Trekking
August 2013