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January 2015 - Update from Nepal: Dinesh Giri - Lumbini Buddha Garden

I heard the news from Nepal, on 16 January. that Dinesh Giri the senior guide/ornithologist and manager at Lumbini Buddha Garden Resort was in hospital with kidney failure and needed a transplant. This news came as a total surprise as I had only been with him and the other staff in November.

Dinesh had to go to hospital late in December and after various tests was diagnosed with kidney failure, the doctors saying an immediate transplant was needed. Further reports from friends and colleagues indicated that he is in hospital at Bhaktapur, in Kathmandu, and is receiving dialysis and would need a transplant as soon as present treatment allowed. His younger brother is donating a kidney and he is presently going through all the necessary checks.

In November I was at Lumbini Buddha Garden and all seemed to be fine for Dinesh. He was busy with clients and generally his usual self. Some of his friends and colleagues have told me it all came as complete shock to them also hearing the news only three weeks ago.

I have known Dinesh for more than 20 years now, since he was at Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in the east of Nepal, before he came to Lumbini. and during that time, as well as been an excellent guide, he has become one of the leading ornithologists in Nepal and a dedicated conservationist and assisted in many important bird counts and conservation projects and is well respected for his work.

His friends and colleagues are organising fundraising for all the treatment that will be required. In Nepal all medical cost must be paid by patients and their families etc. so something of a major task for all of this. I will help as far as I am able, already been fully committed to my own Education Funding Appeal, and I hope to be able raise some funds to assist with this treatment. If anyone associated with Nepal Trekking, previous clients etc. who may know Dinesh, associates and friends, are able to make any contributions please contact me direct at Nepal Trekking.

At this difficult time my thoughts are with Dinesh, his wife and two small children, and other family members in his home district of Chitwan. Together with all his friends and colleagues I hope a successful transplant can take place and improve the possibility of him getting back to a reasonably normal life.

Denis Gallagher
Nepal Trekking
January 2015