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April 2015 - Update from Nepal: Dinesh Giri - Lumbini Buddha Garden

Dinesh had his Kidney Transplant early in March and his recovery has progressed well in the last month.

I arrived in Nepal on 15 March and in the following days I heard from friends and colleagues of Dinesh that his recovery was good and he had been discharged from the hospital but was staying in a nearby rented room so that he could attend the hospital twice a week for routine check up's etc. This will be necessary for up to two months.

He was discharged from the hospital after only five days with the doctors saying his recovery was as much down to his positive attitude as well as physical/clinical condition. His brother, who had donated his kidney, was also discharged within days and returned to the village in Chitwan District. He has been able to continue with his work as no major follow up's are required for donors.

I have spoken several times on the phone with Dinesh and he is very positive about his recovery. His wife is with him also and they are taking all necessary hygiene protections to assist with the recovery. Bhaktapur is some distance from Kathmandu but I do hope to make a visit to see them before they return to their home village.

In the weeks after his operation apparently the doctors performing the transplant operation asked a local organisation, which works on behalf of transplant patients, to involve Dinesh in a televised debate about transplants because of his very positive attitude that may be would encourage and assist others with their recovery. I wasn't aware of this I heard from one of his friends; again this is typical of his very positive attitude to help others also.

There are always possibilities of problems arising with major surgery, specifically here in Nepal with an inadequate health service. However, in these early days it is looking good for Dinesh and together with his friends and colleagues we wish him well for the future and hope that he will be able get back to his job and conservation work once again.

After he returns to his village he will need to attend local hospitals for six monthly checks and will have to continue with medication for the rest of his life. This will mean that fundraising will continue by his friends and colleagues here in Nepal and if any clients of Nepal Trekking, who may know Dinesh, and other friends and associates, can assist with a donation please contact me direct in UK and I will be pleased to receive any funds and transfer them to Dinesh.

Denis Gallagher
Nepal Trekking
April 2015