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September 2015 - Update from Nepal: New Constitution for Nepal

Sunday September 20. 2015 - The day that the New Constitution of Nepal was formally signed and announced by the President of Nepal.

The ceremony was held in Kathmandu with lots of celebrations. Even so this was amidst the continuing political unrest, strikes, and demonstrations throughout the country of the past two months. These demonstrations were brought into the city and valley area but were peacefully controlled by the authorities, and a strike call was largely ignored by the local people.

Since 2008 with the end of the monarchy, when Nepal became a Republic, there have been a number of missed dates and opportunities to bring in a new Constitution. This was because of the political infighting of the many political parties that emerged after the end of the 10 years of Civil War with the Maoist's which ended in 2006.

This is an important date in Nepal's history. There is still unrest among many of the different political parties and ethnic groups that make up the countries diverse population. As usual with Nepal politics it will be a case of 'wait and see' how the various difficulties are resolved.

Meanwhile the new secular Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal has the possibility of bringing more open, inclusive, and hopefully, economic development and prosperous times ahead for all the people of the country.

We join with all our colleagues in Nepal hoping for a secure and peaceful future for all the people and the country.

Denis Gallagher
Nepal Trekking
September 201