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October 2017 - Update from Nepal

I arrived in Nepal on 03 October a week or so earlier than usual for this season, this was to cover various logistics later. With a temperature of 30c it was hot compared to UK, however, with heavy rain showers, mostly at night, but some during the daytime also, the monsoon period was again continuing into the first weeks of October. By the end of the second week of October the weather was beginning to settle into the fine clear weather as it should be for this Oct/Nov season.

Once again it should be noted that for anyone considering trekking during this season it is better to make their arrival towards the middle of the month to miss any delays and domestic flight disruption due to the weather.

With the end of the monsoon period it must now be hoped the Nepal governments various road departments will make some progress to complete the many roadwork’s in Kathmandu that appear to be in the same state of disrepair they were when I left earlier in May this year and continue to cause major difficulties with vehicle travel in many areas of the city.

As usual the first two weeks I have been meeting and coming up to date with various friends, offices and organizations I am involved with, and again as usual always a pleasant experience to see everyone.

I am hoping to get out of Kathmandu and into Khumbu and up to Tengboche Monastery later at the end of October. The Mani Rimdu festival takes place during the full moon period early in November. This is a major occasion for the Sherpa community and I am very much looking forward to it and spending time with my Sherpa friends along the way and at Tengboche.

Denis Gallagher
Nepal Trekking
October 2017