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May 2018 - Update from Nepal

Once again arrival in Nepal on 20 March, later than usual, was to a pleasant 27c temperature, a very welcome change to the close to 0c I left behind in UK.

My visit this season had to be shorter than usual to accommodate various appointments I had to keep in UK during Feb/Mar and in early May.

I had to stay in Kathmandu for this visit also so unfortunately was not able to get out to Khumbu and Tengboche Monastery. I needed to be available to make regular visits to the office of Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP). There have been some staff changes in the organisation since my last visit Oct/Nov. 2017 and as I am the UK representative for KEEP I needed to come up to date with these changes and some new people and the position changes of others.

At the end of my visit (27 Apr.) the new Executive Director, who has many years connection with KEEP as a previous board member as well as other positions, is making progress and we all look forward to a good future for KEEP and the projects and courses they organise.

April 2015 Earthquake:

Aftershocks do still continue although now becoming less frequent. Those of 4 plus on the scale are recorded and the last one was on 05 May which was 63 days since the previous one, at the time of writing there has not been any more over 4 recorded.

25 April 2018:

It is now three years on from the earthquake of 25 April 2015 and there are still thousands of people in various districts around the country, that were very badly affected by the earthquake, that are still living in makeshift shelters and waiting for some government action and assistance. On this third anniversary Nepal news media and newspapers reports were showing that of more than 9000 schools around the country that were destroyed in the earthquake less than a third of them have had any reconstruction and in many cases this is not completed. This is obviously causing many problems to the education system, that is in difficulties anyway, and the thousands of students that are affected.

Nepal Trekking in Nepal:

The many ongoing and unfinished road works continue to cause problems for travel around the area of Kapan as well as many others in Kathmandu.

All is well for the family in Kapan. Kunga Doma has completed year 11 at college, and waiting for end of year exam results. They always seem to take a long time to process the results but she is hoping all will be OK.

Tshiring is almost at the end of his four year Bachelor Information Technology course, as indicated previously he continues, together with his group, with their possible plans to stay together after the course perhaps with some business venture. Its all looking good so we wait and see how it all progresses.

As always we are very grateful to everyone who gives us support for our work direct in Nepal. Support both financially and with the continued supply of clothing for children and adults in the villages and in Kathmandu. This is an ongoing project and if any donations of funding or good used clothing for children, teenagers and adults (small and medium sizes are best for adults) are available please contact Denis any time to arrange. Direct funding is always required, specifically for Education Funding which I hope you may be able to assist with a donation. Our projects are ongoing and we look forward to continued support in the months and years ahead. If you can help with any of our projects, or if you require any further information, please contact Denis direct (email and phone details enclosed). You can Make a Difference.

Denis Gallagher
Nepal Trekking
May 2018