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May 2019 - Update from Nepal

I arrived in Nepal on 12 March, once again to a very pleasant 27c plus temperature, considerably better than I had left behind in UK.

I had to spend all my time in Kathmandu this visit because of various reasons, the main one being disruption to the flights to Lukla because of repairs to the runway at Kathmandu airport causing the early morning domestic flights to be from another airport five hours drive away and with a number of possible problems I decided not to go to Khumbu on this occasion.

Even though I wound things down business wise and Nepal Trekking is officially closed now I still have a very strong personal involvement with Nepal and the Sherpa people and their community and there are always many things to do. I was in contact by phone with my Sherpa colleagues in Khumbu and up at Tengboche Monastery and everyone was fine, it was main season time and lodges were busy as usual. The weather was variable and a little difficult at times but this is often usual during this season.

April 2015 Earthquake:

Aftershocks do still continue and this year during April those over 4 on the scale that are recorded were higher and more frequent than in the previous months. They were only a few days apart and across the country. On 24 April, just a day before the fourth anniversary of the 2015 earthquake, there were two aftershocks just 11 minutes apart in a district not far from Kathmandu and we felt them at home in Kapan. The first one (5.2) was recorded at local time 06.29 and the second one (4.3) at 06.40. There was some shaking of the house just for a few seconds with the first one and the second one was just a rumble, like thunder, with hardly any movement. There were more aftershocks that continued into May and up to date.

25 April 2019:

It is now four years on from the earthquake of 25 April 2015 and there are still thousands of people in various districts around the country, that were very badly affected by the earthquake, that are still living in makeshift shelters and waiting for some government action and assistance. On 23 April the local newspapers gave information that thousands of schools across the country still await reconstruction and many students have to study in makeshift shelters or outside. This is obviously causing many problems to the education system, that is in difficulties anyway, and the thousands of students that are affected. The reports also said that the required amount of funding was not available so the problems may continue for some time.

Away from the education sector local housing and also many heritage sites still require reconstruction. The general political situation in the country continues to make things difficult for many thousands of people..

Nepal Trekking in Nepal:

The many ongoing and unfinished road works, now into four years, continue to cause problems for travel around the area of Kapan as well as many others in Kathmandu.

Things are a little difficult for the family at this time. Yangji’s mother has been brought from the village to Kathmandu some months before because she must attend hospital for treatment of a tumour in her cheek and throat area, unfortunately this is diagnosed as a cancer and she is having treatment for it, presently she cannot eat solids and is being fed only liquids by a tube. This is all very distressing for all the family and Yangji and her sisters have to look after their mother continually at this time. It is also proving to be very expensive with hospital treatment and medicine costs etc. all the family, and some friends are helping as much as possible and I am also assisting Yangji. Here in UK I am trying to raise some funds also; I would like to take this opportunity to ask if anyone is able to give a donation please contact me and I can give a bank account details for a direct bank transfer. Any assistance possible would be greatly appreciated by me and all my Sherpa family in Nepal.

Kunga Doma has completed year 12 at college, and waiting for end of year exam results. They always seem to take a long time to process the results but she is hoping all will be OK. At this time she is still not sure what she will do now so it’s wait and see what she may decide.

Tshiring and his colleagues continue to be busy in their small business with orders coming in for their services in building websites and making apps etc. As the business becomes known more enquiries for work are coming in and they hope it continues to be favourable for the foreseeable future.

As always we are very grateful to everyone who gives us support for our work direct in Nepal. Support both financially and with the continued supply of clothing for children and adults in the villages and in Kathmandu. This is an ongoing project and if any donations of funding or good used clothing for children, teenagers and adults (small and medium sizes are best for adults) are available please contact Denis any time to arrange. Direct funding is always required, specifically for Education Funding which I hope you may be able to assist with a donation. Our projects are ongoing and we look forward to continued support in the months and years ahead. If you can help with any of our projects, or if you require any further information, please contact Denis direct (email and phone details enclosed). You can Make a Difference.

Denis Gallagher
Nepal Trekking
May 2019