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These tours begin in Kathmandu. On your first day, together with your city guide, the sights, sounds and culture of Nepal will unfold as you spend a relaxed morning touring the main areas and sites of this fascinating city. Eagles and black kites can be seen soaring high above, monkeys roam freely around some of the stupa and temple sites. The rest of the day you can explore or spend at leisure before your flight west to the jungle of Chitwan.

A variety of wildlife is to be seen on most of our treks and tours throughout Nepal. Many outdoor enthusiasts and trekkers appreciate the sightings of birds and animals, the soaring eagle or Himalayan griffon and lammergeier vultures, Himalayan thar (mountain goat), monkeys, and deer give lasting memories of times on trek. For those with a special interest our Wildlife Tours take you to the areas where you are most likely to see the animals and birds of Nepal in their natural habitat.

Wildlife watching at our camp in Chitwan National Park has always been popular and now for the bird watchers we have a number of dedicated wildlife itineraries including Chitwan to the west and Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve in the east of Nepal. Koshi Tappu is a vast expanse of wetlands and an area of major importance in Asia for migratory birds as well as those resident to Nepal.

These itineraries are developed to be attractive to clients whatever their wildlife interest. Chitwan has good sightings of mammals large and small. Asian white rhino, elephant, mongoose, 5 species of deer, bears, leopards, monkeys and the elusive tiger, as well as many species of birds. Marsh mugger and gharial crocodiles can be seen in the rivers and sunning themselves on the riverbanks. Koshi Tappu has far more bird species (more than 450) with a smaller number of mammals. However, sightings of the rare wild water buffalo and wild elephant as well as the very rare gangetic dolphin make this area a unique experience. Deer, wild boar and the aptly named fishing cat are resident, with occasional leopard sightings also. The two species of crocodile can be seen in Koshi Tappu together with snakes, lizards and some turtle species. All itineraries are suitable for the expert and the beginner and for all those in between. With our jungle camp guides experienced in all aspects of wildlife and ornithology this is an ideal opportunity for those with an interest and a wish to learn more.

A totally new bird reserve is been developed also at Lumbini in the west of Nepal. If they wish, visitors here can combine culture as well as wildlife at this most important site, the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

In the area of Kathmandu valley there are many opportunities to see birds and wildlife only a short distance out of the city. Nagarkot hill resort on the valley rim offers relaxation at our pleasant hotel overlooking the eastern range of the Himalaya, day walks on the valley ridge give you further opportunity to spot wildlife. A short distance from the city Phulchowki Hill also has many bird species. To the north of Kathmandu the Shivapuri National Park is a major watershed to the valley and home to many animals and birds.

As always our services are flexible to suit your requirements, from a few days wildlife watching at the end of a trek, to a week or more exploring the nature reserves of Nepal. Together with the cultural sights of Kathmandu a memorable Nepalese experience.

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