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Education Funding Appeal

A Personal appeal from Denis Gallagher of Nepal Trekking:


May I request your assistance with funding for this Education Appeal?

Many of you will be aware of my long association and commitment to Nepal and to the Sherpa People and my Sherpa family. This began in 1991 when, as one of the leaders of an East Yorkshire Scout Expedition from the UK, I travelled out to Nepal to assist the Sherpa People rebuild Tengboche Monastery, in the Everest Region, which had been destroyed by fire in 1989.

During my time with the expedition at Tengboche strong friendships were formed with the Sherpa People, and specifically with Pasang Sherpa who was the head guide overseeing everything for the expedition members and all the local staff that were also with us. My friendship with Pasang led to the formation of Nepal Trekking and I have been fortunate to return to Nepal each year since my first visit, and to be welcomed into the Sherpa community




In those first few years all was progressing well and we were able to introduce clients to the beauty and magnificent mountains of Nepal and to the Sherpa Culture. However, in 1996 Pasang was diagnosed with cancer and after treatment in Nepal and India he sadly died in 1997. At the time of his death his son, Pemba Tshiring, was only two years old and I made a promise to Pasang that I would look after his wife Yangji and the education of Tshiring. I feel I have honoured that promise funding all his schooling to date and now Tshiring is 18 years old, finished year 12 and wanting to continue on to college in Kathmandu to follow his business studies with a Bachelors Information Technology (BIT) course for four years.

The future for the young people in Nepal is full of difficulties with an unstable political situation that shows no signs of improving soon. Those with the determination to learn and to succeed, and make a future for themselves, deserve all the assistance they can get to help them with their studies and their aims for a better future.


I am extremely grateful to all who, over many years, have assisted my efforts in Nepal. - Support for the family: Education for village children: Clothing from UK for needy people in Kathmandu and high mountain villages: Ongoing assistance to Tengboche Monastery: Children's clothing and other supplies to Kunde Hospital: Supply of windup torches and lamps in Kathmandu and the Sherpa villages. - This short summary shows some of the main projects amongst others over many years. Now as the years pass by I appeal again for your assistance with the education need here in Nepal. I would be most grateful for any donations, individual or a group of friends raising funds collectively. Donations can be forwarded to me directly. Please make any cheques payable to The Sherpa Village Fund or to me personally (Not to Nepal Trekking). Direct bank transfer can be arranged also, please contact me for details.

With costs for all commodities and services in Nepal, specifically food, education and healthcare, rising in an uncontrolled and unregulated way, and with the continuing difficult financial situation, together with government cuts, in the UK and elsewhere, any donation you can give, initially, and over the next four years, is very much appreciated and you can be assured funds raised will be used for education needs and it will Make A Difference.

Denis Gallagher
Nepal Trekking
November 2013




Download this appeal in pdf format here. Not got Adobe Acrobat Reader ? Download it for free here :