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Kathmandu Environmental Education Project

Nepal Trekking is the Representative for Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP) in the UK.

Nepal Trekking is able to receive Donations to KEEP direct into the KEEP Nepal Account in the UK. This is managed by Nepal Trekking and will allow donors to deposit direct by bank transfer or send a cheque, membership fees can also be deposited in the same way

Present members and anyone interested in membership of KEEP, or assisting KEEP by making a donation, can contact Nepal Trekking by phone and email for information.

Nepal Trekking is a Life Member of KEEP and we have been associated with them since they were formed in 1992. Their various programmes and projects, funded by membership fees and donations, have given essential training in language and first aid skills to many trekking guides and porters. The porters 'clothing bank' operated from the base in Kathmandu and from another store in Lukla in the Khumbu, enable trekking companies and individuals to hire, on behalf of their porters, all the necessary equipment to keep their porters warm and dry on trek.

Many of these activities, language courses, first aid courses, cleanup campaigns and community projects continue to date and are supported, and used, by local trekking companies in Nepal as well as others around the world.

Over the years an Environmental Awareness Programme has initiated cleanup activities in various parts of Kathmandu and other areas of Nepal these have proved particularly beneficial. The language and first aid courses have tutors and instructors from UK, Australia and other countries, who give their time for the duration of the courses, and this is an important aspect to the learning by those who participate in the course. The courses and the various building work and assistance to village schools has been made possible by generous donations and direct assistance by a number of valued friends and supporters of KEEP from various countries.

The Ecotourism Capacity-Building Programme is working with tourism professionals in an informal way with education and training workshops covering the various aspects of issues such as the environment, ecotourism, conservation, languages, mountain safety, first aid and other related issues.

The KEEP Travellers Information Centre, situated in Thamel area of Kathmandu, welcomes visitors; this area is the main centre for tourists. Visitors can find lots of impartial information on all aspects of trekking and culture in Nepal to assist them with their travel's etc. KEEP have their office here and there is also the Green café to serve snacks and meals and an Eco-Shop with herbal and eco-friendly products to satisfy the need of tourists who visit the centre, these two projects generate some income also towards the general upkeep and running costs, helping to make KEEP financially self-reliant. These facilities are welcomed by visitors to KEEP. The centre also houses the Porters Clothing Bank which has all the required type of clothing to take care of porters on treks and expeditions.

This brief summary shows some of the main activities of KEEP more detail can be found on their website.

You can contact Nepal Trekking and KEEP by email as below.

If you wish to make any donations by Bank Transfer please contact KEEP or Nepal Trekking for details of UK or Nepal Bank Accounts.

KEEP email - keep@info.com.np website - www.keepnepal.org

Nepal Trekking email - info@nepaltrekking.co.uk website - www.nepaltrekking.co.uk

Please see contact us for Nepal Trekking postal address and phone contact.