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The itineraries described are generally for group departures. Tailor-made arrangements can differ from these by individual choice. It is possible to arrange longer or shorter, softer or harder treks in these areas, also trekking peaks and community service expeditions. We can make all arrangements for private groups and expeditions and will individually tailor an itinerary to suit your requirements.

Nepal has seven world heritage sites within Kathmandu and the valley area and together with the rich and diverse culture offers many fine opportunities for the traveller who does not wish to trek in the high mountains. Nepal and its people have a lot to offer, we can arrange all types of tours and travels to give you the best of Nepalese culture. Please contact us for more detailed information.


Nepal offers the best trekking in the world and all of this is available to you with our specialised Tailor-made services that can make you an itinerary to all regions of the country. The Solu Khumbu has many quiet areas as well as the more popular treks, this region merges with the Hinku and Hongu valleys in the East where the Arun Valley opens many possibilities including trekking to Makalu or into the Khumbu. The Rolwaling Valley and its trekking peaks is a demanding but remote and beautiful unspoilt region; Mustang, the hidden valley to the north of the Annapurnas; Manaslu to the east and Dhaulagiri to the west. The far west of the country offers remote possibilities in Dolpo with restricted access to the beautiful RaRa Lake area. In the far east, Kanchenjunga has an isolation that appeals, this hard area offers some fine treks. One of the more accessible trekking peaks may appeal to clubs or organisations, or small groups of friends.

In the main trekking areas there are also other trekking possibilities open to the independant party to explore.


We have a number of treks and tours available into Tibet from Nepal, these can be linked to any of our other treks or built into a 13 or 20 day itinerary. They start from Kathmandu and can include trekking or rafting and perhaps a visit to Chitwan National Park.

Tours range from 4 days to 10 days, flying in and out of Lhasa, or flying one way and driving the other. These tours visit all the usual sights and cities from Lhasa to Gyantse and Shigatse and all the monasteries and important Buddhist sites. Longer visits to include trekking are also available. Please contact us for more information.


Tours in Sikkim range from 3 to 10 days. Treks are similar to Nepal up to 21 days and various grades. They start from Kathmandu and are built into a 13 or 24 day itinerary including activities in Nepal.

Tours to the many places of cultural and local interest are included. Sikkim culture is mainly Buddhist. Excellent views of the eastern Himalaya include Kanchenjunga. Tea garden estates, museums, specialist plant nurseries and a ride on the 'Toy Train' of Darjeeling are some of the other attractions. Treks of various grades to altitude of 5000m, a trekking peak of over 6000m, and mountain biking can be a different way to explore this region.


Visits to Bhutan are from Kathmandu and can be linked to our other treks or built into a 13 or 20 day itinerary including activities in Nepal.

Our tours and treks range from 4 days to 11 days and visit the many and varied areas of this Hidden Kingdom. The Bhutanese government place a high price on visits to their country to keep a tight control on the number of visitors, a visit here is true Himalayan experience. Longer visits to include trekking are also available. Please do contact us for more details.