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October 2020 - Update from Nepal

It is with great personal sadness I must report that the Rinpoche (High Lama) passed away in the early hours of Saturday 10 October, he was in his mid eighties.... more.

June 2020 - Update from Nepal

First of all may I say that I do hope that you and all your family, relatives, friends and colleagues are all OK at this time during the continuing Covid-19 situation. As some of you do know I did make my usual visit to Nepal this spring season but it all turned out to be difficult... more.

May 2019 - Update from Nepal

I arrived in Nepal on 12 March, once again to a very pleasant 27c plus temperature, considerably better than I had left behind in UK.

I had to spend all my time in Kathmandu this visit because of various reasons, the main one being disruption to the flights to Lukla because of repairs to the runway at Kathmandu airport causing the early morning domestic flights to be from another airport five hours drive away and with a number of possible problems I decided not to go to Khumbu on this occasion .... more.

December 2018 - Update from Nepal

I arrived in Nepal on 09 October once again to a very pleasant 30c temperature, yet again much better than I had left behind in the UK. I had a busy two weeks or so planned before I hoped to make a visit into Khumbu and up to Tengboche Monastery. However, it didn’t turn out like that .... more.

May 2018 - Update from Nepal

Once again arrival in Nepal on 20 March, later than usual, was to a pleasant 27c temperature, a very welcome change to the close to 0c I left ..... more.

December 2017 - Update from Nepal

At the end of October early November I was able to arrange my visit to Khumbu and up to Tengboche for the Mani Rimdu festival over the full moon period of November. My flight to Lukla was at the end of October, with the main days of Mani Rimdu, that are open to the people, being at the time of full moon ( Nov.) I had plenty of time to come up to date with my Sherpa friends in Lukla and along the way. ..... more.

October 2017 - Update from Nepal

I arrived in Nepal on 03 October a week or so earlier than usual for this season, this was to cover various logistics later. With a temperature of 30c it was hot compared to UK, however ..... more.

May 2017 - Update from Nepal

It was later in April this season before I was able to arrange a visit to Khumbu and up to Tengboche Monastery...... more.

March 2017 - Update from Nepal

My arrival in Nepal 12 March was yet again to a pleasant daytime 24/5c temperature, much better than I left in UK..... more.

December 2016 - Update from Nepal

I arrived in Nepal on 31 October after some delays in UK; this is almost a month later than usual for this season. However, the daytime temperature of 25c plus was very welcome, but as usual colder night time and early morning .... more.

May 2016 - Update from Nepal

25 April 2016 marked a year after the earthquake of April 2015 and some of my memories and observations are shown in the news section of the web site.... more.

25 April 2016 – One year on from the earthquake

25 April 2016 - Nepal marked the first anniversary of the devastating Gorkha Earthquake by remembering the thousands of people who lost their lives. The biggest earthquake in eighty years left 9,000 people dead, more than 22,000 injured and three quarters of a million families’ homeless last year.... more..

March 2016 - Update from Nepal

I arrived in Nepal on 14 March to a very pleasant 27c daytime temperature, although still colder in the evenings, overnight and early mornings, however still much better than a cold UK left behind !!.... more..

February 2016 - Update from Nepal

In the past few days media reports from Nepal suggest that the various political parties that have been causing major disruptions and closure to business and daily life in general for many months, in the Terai Districts of Nepal along the Nepal/India border, have called off their protests and closures.... more..

December 2015 - Update from Nepal

My Oct/Nov visit has been an opportunity for me to see how all my Sherpa friends and colleagues were recovering in the Khumbu Everest region, following the 25 April and 12 May earthquakes. ... more..

October 2015 - Update from Nepal

I arrived in Nepal on 11 October and in the last two weeks or so I have been able to meet with friends and colleagues, and to phone others, and come up to date with their situation 5 months after the April 25 earthquake ... more..

September 2015 - Update from Nepal: New Constitution for Nepal

Sunday September 20. 2015 - The day that the New Constitution of Nepal was formally signed and announced by the President of Nepal. more...

August 2015 - Update from Nepal: Earthquake in Nepal

With the end of August it is now over four months after the April Earthquake but the aftershocks are still happening on a daily basis ... more...

May 2015 - Update from Nepal: Earthquake in Nepal : photos

Some of our own photos taken in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck Nepal in April 2015 ... view photos...

May 2015 - Update from Nepal: Earthquake in Nepal

Saturday 25 April 2015 - At 06.30 I left the house to take the half hour walk to Boudha, as I do most Saturday mornings when I am in Kathmandu. I join with the other Sherpa and Tibetan people walking round the Stupa. ... more.

May 2015 - Earthquake in Nepal : interim update

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal on April 25, 2015, causing widespread loss of life, extensive damage in the Kathmandu Valley and severely affecting Nepal’s rural areas ... more.

April 2015 - Update from Nepal: Dinesh Giri - Lumbini Buddha Garden

Dinesh had his Kidney Transplant early in March and his recovery has progressed well in the last month ... more.

January 2015 - Update from Nepal: Dinesh Giri - Lumbini Buddha Garden

I heard the news from Nepal, on 16 January. that Dinesh Giri the senior guide/ornithologist and manager at Lumbini Buddha Garden Resort was in hospital with kidney failure and needed a transplant ... more.

December 2014 - Update from Nepal

The autumn season was again affected by unusual severe weather that caused major disruption in Manang and Mustang districts in the west of Nepal causing the deaths of 40 people, most Nepali but some foreigners also ... more.

August 2014 - Update from Nepal

In the first half of August this year heavy Monsoon rains have caused landslides and flooding in many areas of the country with many people dead and missing and properties swept away ... more.

May 2014 - Update from Nepal

This season has been overshadowed by the avalanche on Everest on 18 April that killed 16 Nepalese climbing guides with 9 others injured ... more.

November 2013 - Update from Nepal

The autumn tourism season this year faced disruptions and difficulties not only from long festivals but also from government elections ... more..

October 2013 - Dawa Gyalgen Sherpa

In the early hours of the morning of 26 September, at home in UK, I heard the first news reports of a helicopter accident at Lukla airport in the Khumbu region of Nepal ... more..

August 2013 - Update from Nepal : Update Political Situation: Nepal Elections to be held in November

The Interim Election Government of Nepal decided in June to hold the Constituent Assembly (CA) elections on November 19.2013 - This is during the main season and some disruption to normal life is possible ... more..

May 2013 - Update from Nepal

This season I arrived in Nepal from a cold UK in mid March to a pleasant 23-25c temperature in Kathmandu. Now, almost two months later, as I prepare to leave Nepal the daytime temperature is around 33-35c - it was cooler in the mountains though ... more..

March 2013 - George Lowe C.NZ.M. O.B.E

I have been in Nepal for a week and I hear the news that George Lowe passed away on the 20th of March 2013. I have sent condolences from myself and Nepal Trekking to the Himalayan Trust and his family in the UK.. more..

March 2012 - Nepal Trekking to represent KEEP in UK

The Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP) has requested Nepal Trekking to be their representative in the UK to assist with their local membership, promotion and donations .. more...

November 2011 - Update from Nepal

It is a year since I sent an update from Nepal and the main talking point remains the same - The weather! During the main monsoon period landslides and floods in some areas of the country caused many problems and difficulties for the local people .. more...

November 2010 Update - Changing weather patterns in Nepal

The autumn season this year has seen unusual weather with disruption to many peoples travel plans. We have for 5 or 6 years now noted, and informed clients, the rains have continued into the first week of October .. more...

July 2010 Annapurna update

With the building of roads throughout this area there are now big changes to this trek. The 'gravel road' on both sides of the Thorung La is capable of carrying a range of vehicles including vans, trucks, motorbikes, minibuses, jeeps, and large 4x4 s and this will change the way many people view this trek in the future .. more...

July 2010 Wind-up torches make a diference

Once again springtime in Nepal was notable for power cuts and water shortages. The local people are becoming familiar with this routine each year with daily load shedding power cuts this time at 12 hours a day .. more...

November 2009 - NOTICE: Optional Price Structure

Our services direct in Nepal have always offered most of client's requirements as inclusive. This has always included all food and accommodation on trek .. more...

October 2009 - NOTICE: Pokhara Phewa Tal (Phewa Lake)

This notice is to advise that a rising number of deaths from drowning are recorded on Phewa Tal (Phewa Lake) in Pokhara. Deaths from drowning are also reported from other lakes .. more...

October 2009 - Update from Nepal

I have been in Nepal since the beginning of October and the political chaos continues and the local people, as always, suffer the price rises and shortages. Load shedding power cuts continue, although .. more...

July 2009 - Pangum Village Project update

The published programme for this project scheduled for Oct/Nov 2009 has been postponed. The decision has reluctantly been made because of the withdrawal of .. more...

July 2009 - Spring in Nepal was memorable for all the wrong reasons this year

Sixteen hours a day load shedding power cuts. Water shortage. Strikes. Road closures. Price increases in everyday food items. No petrol. No diesel. No kerosene.. more...

November 2008 - Urgent Notice - All published prices suspended

Please be advised that all published prices for our Treks, Tours and associated services in Nepal are suspended indefinitely.. more...


CHANGE IN NEPAL - NEPAL DECLARED A REPUBLIC. Nepal is a safe destination for tourists. The political situation existing in Nepal for the past 12 years is changing. more...

July 2008 - Ethical Tourism - Fair Trade - Making a difference

COMMUNITY SERVICE AND TREKKING IN NEPAL - Help a Sherpa Village in Nepal and trek to 5545 metres on Kala Pattar above Everest Base Camp. more...

May 2008 - NEPAL FESTIVAL - MANCHESTER TOWN HALL - 31 May - 01 June 2008

The fourth Nepal Himalayan Festival will take place in Manchester over the weekend of 31 May/01 June 2008. more...

January 2008 - Sir Edmund Hillary

It is with great sadness and sorrow that I hear of the death of Sir Edmund Hillary in New Zealand earlier today. more...


Together with everyone associated with Nepal Trekking in Nepal I was deeply shocked by the tragic news of the accident on Lhotse on 21 May 2007 in which Pemba Doma lost her life. more...


CHANGE IN NEPAL - NEW GOVERNMENT IN NEPAL.Since April 24.2006 when 'People Power' returned democracy in the form of the restored parliament of Nepal any purposeful progress seemed painfully slow. The Maoists at village level continued, even increased, their forced abductions, extortions and similar activities against local people in all parts of Nepal. more...


CHANGE IN NEPAL. During the month of April 2006 the political situation in Nepal has undergone a dramatic change, one that we all hope will be a change for the better. I was in Nepal at this time and witnessed the 'People Power' that brought about the dramatic change on April 24. more...


Once again the ongoing political and security problems dominate the news from Nepal, however, all is not doom and gloom. more...


NEPALESE CRAFTS AND TEXTILES. We are now able to offer a selection of quality handmade Nepalese crafts and textile items for sale. Our colleagues from a small number of organizations. more...

January 2005 - Projects and Information

Throughout 2004 the tourism industry in Nepal has been widely affected by the political situation and uncertainty in the country. This has affected everyone connected with Nepal Trekking in Nepal and of course all of the Nepali people also. more...

May 2004 - Projects and Information

NEPAL FESTIVAL - MANCHESTER TOWN HALL The third Nepal Festival will take place in Manchester over the weekend of 4/5 June 2004. Nepal Trekking will be participating in this event once again with a stand for our trekking and tour operation. We will also have a stand with handicraft and textile goods for sale to publicize some of our projects and assist our project work in Nepal. more...

January 2002 - Projects and Information

2001. For all of us involved with Nepal the year 2001 has been a very sad year. June the 1st saw the whole Nation and Nepalese all over the world in mourning for the loss of His Majesty the King and many members of the Royal family in the tragic massacre at the palace. more...

January 2001 - Projects and Information

With the year 2000 over, or almost over, by the time you receive this News Letter we now look forward the New Year and to our other new year celebrations with Lhosar the Sherpa/Tibetan new year in February and the Nepali new year in April, once again celebrations all round. more...