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Trekking in Nepal

Taking part in a trekking holiday allows you access to remote areas and villages, to the mountains and to a culture so different to our own, one that has changed little over the years and whose customs have been passed down through generations. Much has been documented about the traditional hospitality of the Nepalese people in general and the mountain people in particular. Trekkers can experience their friendliness at first handand have the opportunity to see and try to understand a little of this culture so different to our own.

The trek is conducted at a reasonably relaxed pace along rough but well used trails taking into account the altitude, allowing ample time to photograph the magnificent scenery and observe the wildlife and to meet the people. Rest days are included to assist our acclimatisation as we climb higher into the mountains. A friendly and efficient service is offered by our Sherpa guides on the trail, most of whom speak English and all our treks will be personally led by ourselves or leaders, both Sherpa and British, specially chosen for their experience of trekking, people whom we personally know and trust.

We provide all the camping equipment on trek, this is all organised by our head Sherpa, or Sirdar, and the food is hygienically prepared by trained cooks. All our main equipment is carried by porters or pack animals, because of the altitude you will only be expected to carry a day sack with your immediate needs, plus of course your camera; your other equipment will be carried by porters and will be with you at the end of the day.

Guides and porters also accompany all of our Lodge Treks. With food and accommodation being provided by the lodges along the trail this allows us to offer very flexible services. For small numbers and groups, and for those who just prefer, this offers an alternative to camping.

By employing Sherpa people in this way we are helping their economy and also upholding traditions that have developed over many years to give you the freedom to enjoy your surroundings, the culture and the people.


A typical day on trek

While on trek your waking hours are determined by the sun. You will be woken not long after sun-up with what will become the familiar sound of the kitchen boy 'bed tea sahib' as a hot mug of tea is passed into the tent. After washing and packing kit bags breakfast will be ready and shortly afterwards we will be ready to start the day's walk. Camp is struck by the Sherpas and the porters and they may even be on the trail before we are. On average we walk about 5 - 7 hours each day, you have time to travel at your own pace, taking photographs and stopping at the tea shops along the way, and meeting the people, you will soon become familiar with the universal greeting of Nepal 'Namaste'. Lunch is cooked for us by our kitchen staff out on the trail giving you the opportunity to relax in the heat of the day, chatting with other trekkers and taking in the local scenery. After lunch another 2 - 3 hours brings us to our camp site where camp may well already be set up, or will be shortly after we arrive, again by the trek crew. You have time to relax and explore the local area before the three course evening meal. The mess tent will be big enough for us all and the evening meal is usually the social event of the day, time for swapping stories and experiences of the day, maybe also a visit to a local lodge. As the sun goes down so does the temperature and a warm sleeping bag beckons, usually about 8pm or 9pm.